Research interests

  • Combinatorics, q-series and special functions


Conference Proceedings

  • (with Jang Soo Kim and Seunghyun Seo) Minimal transitive factorizations of a permutation of type (p,q), FPSAC 2012, 2012. / PDF
  • (with Jiang Zeng) A further correspondence between (bc,b)-parking functions and (bc,b)-forests, FPSAC 2009, 2009. / DMTCS Proceedings AK, 793-804.
  • (with Seunghyun Seo) Two involutions on vertices of ordered trees, FPSAC 2002, 2002. / PDF


  • (with Suyoung Choi) On a decomposition of simple polytopes, in preparation, 2010.
  • A refined bijection between alternating permutations and 0-1-2 increasing trees, arXiv:1003.4564, preprint, 2010.
  • A new bijection between forests and parking functions, arXiv:0810.0427, submitted, 2008.